Discover Ibiza's Drink Workshops

The other thing to do in Ibiza

Meet people, open your senses, and discover the unique tastes of Ibiza while sharing the excitement in these fun filled experiences.

Get creative with Ibiza’s wild herbs while learning the secrets to making the islands most famous liqueur, or indulge in botanicals in crafting your very own unique gin. 


The drink workshop Ibiza has a range of classes and workshops aimed to let people discover what it takes to make some of the products you know and love. Fun and interactive, these courses are for everyone. There will be experimenting, tasting, creating, distilling, and hands on experience. They are a lot of fun and great for small groups to larger hen parties, for team building, or just some friends wanting to do something that is a bit different and learn something new. We conduct our workshops and classes in a range of beautiful locations around the island, and, of course, we are able to go mobile, as well as cater for any event you may have.

If you’re looking for alternative activities that don’t involve late night partying then this is a great option. We specialise more in the artesanal methods to create great flavour and offer unique and fun workshops that centre around making alcohol, rather than just drinking it.  Going clubbing has its place, but making your own gin on your holiday? That’s something special!

Our workshops are designed to be informative and really delve into the aromas, flavours, and history that create gins and liqueurs.. but most of all they are a lot of fun. You will get to meet other like minded people, while opening your senses to the wonderful aromas of Ibiza. Discover the secrets of Ibiza’s local liqueur, smell, taste and share the fun in creating your own alcohol.

A one-of-a-kind experience in Ibiza

See our workshops

Hierbas workshop

Make your own bottle of Ibiza's most famous liqueur

Hierbas (pronounced year-bass) is a fascinating liqueur unique to Ibiza that has been made on the islands for centuries. Hierbas means “herbs” in Spanish, and is made from the wild herbs that grow on the island, often to a secret family recipe. In this workshop you can learn all about this iconic Ibiza liqueur and make your own bottle to take home.

Learn all about gin in this intriguing gin experience

Not just your standard tasting, in this experience we will distill some gin from scratch right on the table in front of you. See how the distillation works from start to finish, and learn how to make the perfect gin & tonic in a GnT masterclass, and then then drink the gin we made at the end. A full, hands-on and fun experience learning about the popular spirit.

Create and distill your own gin, from start to finish

Become a master distiller and make your own gin. You write your own recipe, and then use a hand-crafted copper pot still to distill your own gin, from start to finish. A fascinating and fun experience where you walk away with your own bottle of gin that you made yourself.

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