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Hierbas Workshop

Learn to make the famous liqueur of Ibiza

You can’t get more local than Hierbas (pronounced yeah-bass). This fascinating liqueur has been produced on the island by the locals for generations, often by a closely guarded family secret. Hierbas means “herbs” in Spanish, and is a herbal liqueur that’s made with a special infusion of the wild herbs that grow in the country side. It’s so important it’s actually protected by law which protects the tradition of hierbas here in Ibiza, and ensures a certain quality is upheld.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, it won’t be long until you are. It’s most commonly served as a digestif after a meal, and in more local style restaurants will often offer a free “chupito” (shot) after the meal.

Did you know that Ibiza has some of the best wild herbs in the world? Due to certain geographical factors such as soil type, proximity to the ocean, humidity, and long hot dry summers the wild herbs need to fight to survive, thereby concentrating their essential oils making them extra potent.

Herbal biologist

Workshop Details

We break the workshop down into 3 parts: Histosy, herbs, and making

We start off with going through some of the history of Hierbas on Ibiza, how the locals used to prepare it in the traditional way, and more interestingly why they were doing this. We then go into how this relates to an even deeper history of alcohol and medicine within Europe and the world where we will come across some fascinating stories and some some quirky little facts.

You will get to taste different types of Hierbas from around Ibiza too. We will have a selection of different versions so you can taste what some of the differences are between the main brand, and some of the more artisanal styles. Some taste very sweet, some more balanced, while others very herbal. Which style do you like the most?

All the herbs, botanicals, and flowers will be displayed on the table in front of you – with the majority of them picked fresh from the island just for this workshop. You will get to touch, smell, taste them all – and find out if you might be a witch. There is one pungent herb that grows wild here where during medieval times people would wear on their belt to keep witches away. As some people react quite strongly to this herb, it’s a strong sign you could be a witch ;). We will tell you where you can find them in the wild, and also explain a little about the medicinal properties of each.

And last of all you will get to make your very own bottle! You get to select your own herbs which you can personalise to your taste. We pour in the aniseed base liqueur, close the bottle, and give it an authentic wax seal by dipping it in hot wax. Complete with a personalised label with your name on it you get to take it home and show it off to your friends and family!

All in all, this is an informational workshop, that is light hearted where we have lots of fun trying different types of hierbas, and playing with all the wild herbs to create your own special flavour of hierbas.

The hardest part is waiting for your beautiful bottle to become ready to drink!

What's included

  • A full 700ml bottle of your own hierbas to take home
  • Personalised label
  • Base infusion alcohol
  • Wild herbs picked fresh on the day
  • Hierbas tastings of various artesanal brands from around the island
  • Free water

Am partial to hierbas and specially requested a workshop in San Antonio and was blown away by how thoroughly interesting and professional the whole experience was. Fully worth the money, learnt a lot, got a bottle of hierbas out of it. Could not recommend it more. A thoroughly well spent couple of hours.

Alex Brown

I loved the hierbas workshop!
We learnt about the different herbs and their benefits, taking the time to smell each one. This really helped when it came to making our own bottles of hierbas and it was so interesting to see our different herb choices…. We got to try different kinds of hierbas, from marí mayans to home-made!
Was a really special afternoon and such a unique experience!
Counting down until we can open our bottles!

Annie Rose Godsman

Big thanks to Phil for an informative, fun experience yesterday. I definitely recommend the hierbas making workshop. Great fun at one of my favourite places on the island, los Otros in San Joan. Made my own little signature brew of the famous drink to take away in a cool little bottle. Cheers Phil!!!!

Mags Gall

Location and availability

We conduct our workshops and classes in a range of beautiful locations around the island. With the picture perfect backdrop of Ibiza, you’ll create pure instagram envy with your pics.

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Beautiful sea side restaurant on the sunset strip in San Antonio
A small and unpretentious beach bar a short walk from Santa Eularia